Fleet Advisory

Managing the operation of your fleet efficiently can have a significant impact on profitability. From our experience gained over the last 25 years we have developed a range of advisory services that help ensure your fleet is working for you, saving you money and offering greater operational efficiency.

For the team at Toyota Fleet Management, the relationship we build with you is the fundamental building block that allows us to apply our expertise to keep your business costs low. Our regular reporting allows trends to be highlighted, our skilled team is able to articulate the trends and offer strategies to further improve the effectiveness of your fleet.

Our advisory services are comprehensive, and can offer valuable insights into your business operation, allowing you and your team to make informed decisions about the right funding model, product or service that suit your business best.

Cost down recommendations

The expert team at Toyota Fleet Management look at your business from an outside perspective. We are not distracted by internal influences and as a result we are able offer an objective assessment of your Fleet Management requirements. We use this information along with our industry knowledge to offer options to keep your fleet costs as low as possible.

Finance Analysis

Determining the best way to finance your fleet can be a challenge. Which funding method suits your company best? Do you want to continue to use the assets at the end of the lease period? Consideration of options such as ownership versus term purchase, finance lease or an operating lease.

We have a suite of analysis calculators that help make these decisions allowing you to compare the after-tax cost of financing your fleet vehicles.

Fleet Rationalisation

The team at TFM are well aware that a fleet that is restricted to one or two manufacturers can lead to intangible savings, offering an easy way to save on your fleet costs. Drivers that are familiar with the layout and operation of a select number of vehicles are less likely to be involved in accidents and will operate more efficiently. 

This is a simple example of the insights the experienced team at Toyota Fleet Management are able to offer when we partner with you to deliver your fleet solution.