Vehicles & Equipment

Toyota Fleet Management have strong relationships with manufacturers of other vehicles. When working with you to establish your fleet requirements, we recognise that the vehicle you may require may not be a Toyota. We will work with other manufacturers to secure the vehicle you want at the most competitive rates available.

Passenger and Luxury Vehicles 

Toyota is arguably the leading manufacturer of passenger, SUVs and light commercial vehicles in New Zealand. This includes the Lexus range of vehicles. In addition, we can tailor a lease plan for you that incorporates passenger and luxury vehicles from any other manufacturer you may be interested in

Hybrid/Fuel Efficient and Electric vehicles

Where an environmentally conscious decision is being made with respect to your business vehicle fleet, the team at Toyota Fleet Management has access to a wide range of hybrid vehicles that will ensure your carbon footprint is reduced by lowering your CO2 emissions.

Commercial Vehicles

When it comes to commercial vehicles the team at Toyota Fleet Management deliver! Our experienced team of fleet management experts will secure the vehicle that best suits your commercial vehicle leasing requirements.


Plant and Equipment

At Toyota Fleet Management we are not restricted to establishing lease solutions for vehicles, we can arrange management plans for a wide range of commercial assets including trailers, plant and equipment.